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He is very handsome and we have many people who stop us to tell him what a handsome boy he is, so much that it's probably gone to his little head by now. He loves laying by the fireplace or cocooned under a blanket. He will do all the tricks he knows to get a treat and he loves licking your ears if you are part of his pack. Loki is fascinated by all animals and wants to be their friend. So far bunnies are the only animal that he can't figure out and will just sit there and sniff them the whole time. His favorite game is hide and seek, where we will hide around the house as he waits on the bed to come find us. He gets so excited and runs like crazy around the house as we call out to him. He also loves tug-o-war and knows most of his toys by name if we ask him to bring them to us. Loki's favorite spot is your lap whether he can fit there or not and he will follow us anywhere.

Thank you again for everything! Now I have to convince my husband to let me get #2.

Breana & Sammy K.


We take pride in delivering Health, Happy well socialized puppies. Read what some of our satisfied Families have said about us!

Dear Ronnie,

Sybille walks him every morning and night to the park and carries him back in the pack. He is really doing very well eating, peeing and pooping well-also chewing on everything.  Sleeps with us the whole night in our bed holding his “business” and not waking us up to go out. He gets his shots, etc. on Tuesday next. The vet said he is a beautiful dog with a perfect bite and conformation.  Thanks again for raising such wonderful puppies!!

Jim S.

Testimonial 1.jpg

The puppies are wonderful. We've named them Blaze (Kai's), Pepper 
(Jodi's) and Jet (Dart's). Little Jet is showing signs of being the dominant one of the pack, which is hilarious, the little one is the dominant.
They are learning their names now, and all have learned to sit pretty regularly. Lie down occasionally. And come occasionally. they are 
getting used to the crate and leash.

so all in all, we are all happy, doing well. very busy, as you WELL know!

thank you so much for everything, we love them!
Elise, Robert, Jodi and Kai, Dart, Pepper, Blaze and Jet

We are so sweet.jpg

From Dawn: Our Truman is over 7 pounds now, as sweet as can be with a touch of the devil which makes him that much cuter. He is a great little sleeper wonderful eater and so very smart.
He had his first appointment with our vet last week and they were so impressed with how good he was, how well trained he was . He allowed them to do their exam with no problem, they said the breeder did a great job with him.
I have been working quite a bit with him and so far he knows sit, stay, come, leave it, look at me and walk by me . He's doing good on the leash and absolutely loves playing with his ball and his squeaky pig.

Puppy Boy.jpg

We made it home and we are so in love with Frida.

She's adapting really well!

Thank you so much, we will send updates as she grows!


Another wonderful update from one of our schnauzer families:


Hello Ronnie, I hope you are having a great summer.

I wanted to send an update on Leo (Joy & JJ's Jan 30, 22 litter, purple collar). He is such a fun pup with a big personality! He is always up for an adventure and gets along with everyone he meets. He has made such great friends with our two cats and they play for hours. It seems he thinks he is pretty special and so do we! We are stopped on our walks by people commenting on how handsome he is. His groomer just loves him and threatens to keep him every time. We are so happy with our little guy and can't thank you enough for trusting us with such a wonderful pup!

I hope you don't mind all the updates. We are such proud parents!



2022 Joy and Treys.png

Hi Ronnie!
  It has been a while - which must mean things are either going great for us and Cloud... or not so great. Well... luckily he is doing awesome! He is so cute and so much fun. We got him neutered at 18 weeks, so he is recovered from that. He loves to get up on the bed and wake the girls up every morning, he loves to go for walks (although he tires out after a couple miles and I end up putting him in the stroller with the girls!) and he is going to obedience classes with me. He downs, sits, stands, spins, twirls, dances and jumps through the hula hoop! He is funny, cute and I even catch Brian holding him in his lap every now and then. We love him so much! I attached a picture of Cloud with Jazzy. As much as Jayden picked him out, Jasmyn spends much more time with him and works with him on all of his obedience tasks: Jayden likes Cloud a lot, but Jasmyn loves him to pieces. They both help feed him and take him out to go potty... they still have me clean up his poop though!
Thank you!

B and S pup.jpg

HI Rhonda,

Sherlock is so perfect!  The vet loved him and now he has had all his shots and I will take him in to have him neutered at 6 months.  He plays so nicely with the other dogs and just so easy.  It helps that he just is so affectionate, how could you not love him.  You do a wonderful job!  Let me know when you show your male up our way again.  I would love to come see him.

Thanks so much,

The Wheeler


Winston is 14 weeks old now and has adjusted very well to his new home, in fact he acts like the king of the place. My vet absolutely loves him and feels I really got a good dog and I couldn’t agree more. I am astonished at how he lets them give the shots and do all the uncomfortable check up things with ease. He is in puppy school and is such a superstar with how obedient and intelligent he is, he learns things very quickly and so that makes daily life with him a breeze. I take him everywhere in his own doggie car seat and people gasp when they see him and some even stop in their cars as they are so excited to see a miniature schnauzer and he gets so many compliments on his looks and how well behaved he is for being a puppy. I joke with my family that I had no idea I was the chauffeur to such a mini celebrity! He is an absolute joy to have and we all love him so much.

Thank You,

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