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Born in Oregon
Miniature Schnauzer puppies, Health tested blood lines with great socialization.

Throw us a question,
we promise to fetch

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Thanks for submitting!


prer-approval questionnaire:

1.     We will consider shipping puppies, but only on Alaskan Airlines. And you are all ways welcome to fly into Rogue international airport in Medford, OR. to pick her up. I do travel to Portland area for our monthly meetings and can arrange delivery. And from time to time I'm at dog shows in Washington, Central Oregon and Northern California. How would you arrange to pick up?

2.     Can you tell me how much time you would be able to spend with the puppy?

3.     How many hours per day will the puppy be left home alone?

4.     If left home alone more than 4 hours, how will the puppy be handled and/or cared for?

5.     Do you have or had any other pets?

6.     Did you keep your pet its entire lifetime, why or why not?

7.     Age can be a factor along with being relocated. If you were not able to care for the puppy/dog who would care for the dog, or would you be willing to contact me for re-homing?

8.     Ongoing socialization for puppies is most important for the first 18 weeks, he will experience a socialization period that will permanently shape his future personality and how he will react to his environment

a.     as an adult dog. Gently exposing him to a wide variety of people, places, and situations makes a huge, permanent difference in his temperament. Are you willing to continue his socialization?

9.     Who in the family would have the primary responsibility for the puppy? If a child, what would happen if they did not want the responsibility?

10.    Do you have a fenced yard?

11.    Do you have a Pool and if so is it fenced?

12.    If you rent is it okay with your landlord to have a puppy?

13.    Are you willing to complete the AKC registration on your puppy within two weeks of receiving your puppy?

14.    Are you willing to feed your puppy premium food (nothing purchased in a grocery/mart store)?

15.    Are you willing to give your puppy/dog water that has been filter or bottled? (nothing directly from city water/well)?

16.    Do you smoke inside your home or car with your pet around?

17.    Are you willing to have your puppy/dog groomed on every 6 to 8 week?

18.    Is a limited registration (no breeding rights) and spay/neuter okay with you, why or why not?

19.    What will family life for the puppy be like in his/her new home?

20.    Are you willing to follow the Dr. Jean Dodd's Vaccination periodical-attached (not to over vaccinate)?

21.    Are you willing to NOT use NextGard or any internal flea and tick dog medicines? (as it can cause seizures and has kill dogs, regardless of what your vet says.)

22.    Are you willing to make sure that your vet does not give "The Leptoirosis vaccine"? (It's the least effective and the one most likely to cause adverse effects most especially in small breed dogs, regardless of what your vet says.)

23.    What would your first choice and 2nd choice for a puppy be (sex, color, etc.)?

24.    Where are you located (Physical address)?

25.    Contact phone number?

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