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We at "Heavenly Miniature Schnauzer" enjoy improving and showing our Schnauzers, to do this we must find “forever homes” for males and females to retire to at an age that will provide the new owners with an energetic, sound healthy dog to enjoy.


These dogs are all completely house trained and are used to living inside the home with plenty of privileges (such as sleeping on the bed). They also have a large fenced yard they can access through a doggie door for plenty of exercise and adventure. They are good travelers having gone to dog shows and stayed with me in motels, and behave well on a leash.


These dogs are available at a reduced cost to the right home - one where they can continue to be spoiled and have lots of loving attention. These are NOT kennel dogs. Our next available dog will be in the fall of 2024 .

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Paw Prints on your heart.jpeg
Some of our retired
adults shown below . . . .
We are in loving homes enjoying life

Why Adopt a Adult Dog?

                   A lot of people feel that an adult dog (out of puppy-hood) is a better pet for them. Older dogs don't require as much attention as a growing puppy does. They are house-trained, they are past the chewing stage, and have settled down from the boisterous adolescent behavior.

                   Also, with an adult dog you have a much better idea of what you are going to end up with. Adult dogs present no surprises in their final size and appearance.

                   When an adult dog is put into a new situation, they are looking for leadership and will attach to you almost immediately. For example, observe the relationship between a blind person and a German Shepherd guide dog. These dogs have been through at least three homes before they're finally matched up with their blind companions.

Topa new owner Vanessa Visnovits.jpg

Vanessa V.

Here is Winston a puppy I got from you, and Topa, his show dog mother that retired about a year ago and we had the amazing opportunity to adopt from you. We love them both so much and we know you care about the life they live with you and with their forever homes. They are so cute together and get along so well.

We are so grateful for wonderful breeders like you. Thank you for the quality and wonderful dogs you bring to families like us.

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