Thank you for contacting us. We breed according to the breed standard so therefore all our puppies will have their tails and declaws done within the first few days of birth. We only breed accepted colors (Salt & Pepper, Black, Black & Silver) and sizes, a normal size is between 13 to 18 lbs. for females and 15 - 22 lbs. for male adult schnauzers. Our current litters are spoken for, but here is our info on upcoming litters. Depending on the number of puppies we have in each litter, you could be placed in the Winter of 2022 and Spring/Summer or fall of 2023. I normally take a non-refundable reservation fee of $100 (will be applied to purchase), this places you in the order of when I receive your reservation fee, then a deposit of $700 when we have puppies (refundable if we don't have the sex and/or color you wanted), with the remainder of $1700.00 due at 8 weeks or at the time you pick up your new family member. 

Ears are natural unless you want them cropped, if so the charge is $600 and I have to make an appointment with my vet to do that, we will need to keep the puppy 2 weeks after the ear crop for healing time. This is done at 9 weeks depending on when my vet can fit me in.

All of my adults have been health tested for eyes and hearts with our Southern Oregon Terrie's Club's health clinic. We have the health clinic every year and always take our dogs in to make sure we are breeding the healthiest puppies possible. Puppies will have their AKC Reunite microchip along with their first set of shots and well puppy checkups by my local veterinarian at 8 weeks.


We have also had DNA testing done for Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Mycobacterium Avian Complex (MAC) and Myotonia Congenital and our blood lines have been found to be CLEAR of these health issues.

Each puppy will have its own puppy pack, they will receive, a dose of Heart-Gard, a puppy blanket, toys, chews, Nu Vet Plus human-grade vitamins and AKC registration paper work along with forever support if needed.

Puppies have a 5-year health guarantee if using PawTree pet food: www.pawtree.com/Heavenly and/or Life's Abundance pet food: http://www.lifesabundance.com/rhondasmith or its equivalent (5 star/scoops rating).