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Our purpose

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"Breed to Improve." In saying this, our goal is to improve the breed with every breeding. How do we do this; we review pedigrees and the health of certain blood lines that we are interested in. We review our dogs qualities and see if there is an area we can improve on.


To avoid "kennel blindness" -- in other words, we take a step back and honestly evaluate the good and bad points of each dog before making the decision who to breed to and look for second opinions from other breeders that are always looking to improve the breed. Then we look for a mate that will eliminate or balance those flaws.


The goal of breeding, after all, is to produce a better dog and a quality pet. Attending a dog show to determine how your dog measures up against the best specimens of its breed. That's a big part of why we show our dogs, we get opinions from true dog Judges.

I have loved Miniature Schnauzer for 35+ years
I had a Labrador Retriever when I was in high-school.  Someone had dropped her off in our neighborhood and she came to our front door. I fell in love and she followed me everywhere. I noticed she was pregnant and ended up having 18 puppies, I raised them and placed all of them in great homes. I did not know it then, but I know now there was a reason we found each other.  I believe this is what started my passion for improving a breed.

When I married and had our first home we purchased our first miniature schnauzer, I then purchased a 2nd schnauzer with no plans to breed until my brother who was staying with us open our patio door and the two schnauzers had their own plans. But I did not start a breeding program until I retired in 1999 when we moved to Oregon. In wanting to improve my breeding, I starting researching blood lines that had a good health background and had been shown and championed, as they have been vetted for the most part, it always pays to do your research.


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